A little about me

and why I love real estate

Shahreen Khan Taan (aka Sherry Winston) is a customer support specialist at Luxury Fire Island Homes. She has one of the most important roles since her duty is to make you smile. Sherry goes above and beyond for each and every client we have. If you give us a ring, you’ll most likely be hearing Sherry’s lovely voice!

She is an A level student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also a student of classical music at Cchayanaut, a renowned music school in Dhaka, where she is mastering Rabindrasangeet, a south Asian music genre. Not only is she hard-working and career-focused, but she has an unstoppable zeal for Physics and hopes to study either Theoretical Physics or Engineering in university. AND she is a literature enthusiast! Sherry has a love for reading and analyzing prose and poetry. Her hobbies include writing short stories, playing guitar and listening to classical music