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Long Island Beaches and Attractions 

New York State offers many beaches and attractions with communities and getaways for vacationers and people interested in owning beachfront properties. Long Island Beaches include communities like Dunewood in Fire Island offering families Luxury Fire Island Homes with well-run homeowners associations. Many people look for this type of community because it stays maintained without expanding. 

Fire Island Communities and Beaches 

Dunewood is a great Family Friendly community which is located in Fire Island, New York State. Residents who own these Fire Island Homes enjoy the quiet, well-maintained community they live in. Dunewood is one of the youngest inclusions along the Fire Island shoreline. These Beachfront Properties Long Island are sought after for the tight-knit community life and pristine beaches.

The Dunewood Yacht Club offers sailing lessons as well as a swimming facility and tennis courts. It is well known for the regatta it sponsors.

Another popular location in the western end of Fire Island is Robert Moses State Park. This 5-mile long beachfront park attracts many visitors every year and since it has many things to do including surfing, fishing, and other activities, there is something for everyone here.  The Sunken Forest is a shaded boardwalk escape that visitors can view wildlife including deer, fox, and various birds. A nice spot to retreat from the sun during the hot summer.

If you are visiting Dunewood or Fire Island and want a secluded beach that is not as easy to access, there is Cherry Wood. This beach is located between Sailors Haven and Fire Island Pines and is a popular clothing-optional spot for sunbathers that are looking for something different.

Davis Park is a well-known area in the Fire Island National Seashore. Many people move here for the Luxury Fire Island Homes that residents enjoy. Those looking for Long Island Vacation Rentals may find the Davis Park area convenient and an easy to access spot with various amenities. The community is located in the small Suffolk town of Brookhaven. Davis Park features beautiful beaches and a boardwalk, a cafe, various facilities, and a large marina. 

Living in Fire Island 

The 100 renovated homes in Dunewood offer a fantastic vacation retreat or place to settle with a family. Since it is less tourist-oriented, residents and visitors will enjoy a quiet experience in Dunewood. Nearby attractions and beaches on the Fire Island shoreline offer amenities and features such as sporting activities and restaurants. Long Island Vacation Rentals can be found in Dunewood as well as Luxury Fire Island Homes that are for sale. Living in Dunewood is a unique experience and permanent residents enjoy many aspects of this type of community.

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