Fire Island Community Spotlight | Lonelyville

Lonelyville Fire Island

One of the first communities established on Fire Island, Lonelyville has historically attracted those who wish to escape from it all and enjoy a peaceful, quiet lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about the historic Fire Island community of Lonelyville.


Lonelyville History

Lonelyville began as Fire Island Fishing Company in the late 1880’s. The company’s main focus was the transportation of fish from Fire Island to Long Island.

Thanks to a 400-foot pier, fishing vessels could unload their catch, and a rail system that crossed over fire island through Lonelyville wold bring the fish to other boats waiting on the other side.

This method saved time, money and also made it possible to avoid circumnavigating the treacherous Fire Island Inlet.

When the company closed in 1905, the owner (Captain Clock) subdivided the land tract for residential real estate. The once-useful pier remained somewhat intact up until the Hurricane of 1938.

In 2011, Lonelyville became the first Fire District to merge with Fair Harbor Fire District.


Getting to Lonelyville

Since there is no direct ferry to Lonelyville, you can either take the Fair Harbor or the Dunewood/Atlantique lines.

This small town begins at the east end of Fair Harbor and is only a few blocks long. There isn’t much boardwalk here, and you get to your house on the sand.


Lonelyville Real Estate

Lonelyville real estate consists of a mix of beach cottages. On the Western side, many original 1930’s cottages are nestled between the narrow wooden boardwalks, shaded by the lush vegetation.

Some vestiges of the buildings existing during the fishing operations of Capt. Selah Clock in the 1880’s can still be found.

On the Eastern side, homes sprouted up during the 1960’s along the more modern cement walkways. Though different in architecture, the two sides are joined by a love of privacy, relaxation, and comfortable lifestyle.


Important facts to know this one-of-a-kind refuge

Lonelyville is ideal in that it is free from the commercial traffic and development that are common on the western part of Fire Island, but it doesn’t have the same amenities as other Fire Island communities. In fact, there are no amenities at all, and the locals prefer it that way. Many residents in Lonelyville have had homes there for generations, but happily share their community with renters and newcomers.

Restaurants, shops and markets are a short walk away to Fair Harbor in the west, or a slightly longer trip to Ocean Beach due east. Groceries are carried or wagoned in. Although it’s less convenient from a practical standpoint, it’s more than made up for thanks to the serenity and gorgeous aesthetics of this quaint community.


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