Ralph Scordino Memorial Scholarship Fund

Through our GO SERVE BIG mission, we are on a quest to raise $12,000 for the Ralph Scordino Memorial Fund.

With every referral, we make a donation in your name to the fund!

Ralph Scordino served as the Director of Ocean Beach Youth Group for 22 seasons. With his signature mustache and staff polo, except for special occasions when he wore a Hawaiian shirt and fedora, Ralph graced us daily with ear-to-ear smiles, sharing his messages of fairness, safety, fun and friendship. His motto of "if you had fun, you won" for campers and "keep 'em happy and keep 'em safe" for staff members, will forever echo in our hearts and will have a lasting legacy.

Ralph served as an educator, a coach, a first boss for many, a father-figure, a mentor and a good friend. He pursued education and leadership roles in civil service for 33 years, serving Babylon Village as a Trustee, a Deputy Mayor, followed by the Mayor of Babylon for 18 years. Ralph's service and commitment to Ocean Beach Youth Group will forever be recognized. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes, selflessly, not seeking recognition, but just for his love of 'OBYG.'

In partnership with the Ocean Beach Youth Group, we will be contributing to the Ralph Scordino Memorial Fund Scholarship. For every sales transaction we do, we donate a portion of our income to this wonderful cause. This annual in- perpetuity scholarship will go to a staff member who is pursuing a career in the educational or public service field, who shares the qualities that Ralph graced us with for so many years; passion for Ocean Beach Youth Group, commitment, service, and selflessness. We are forever grateful for the impact that Ralph has left on thousands of smiling Ocean Beach campers, staff members, parents, and community members alike. Please join us in making a donation towards this annual scholarship so that we can continue to share Ralph's legacy for years to come.

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