A little about me

Nancy is a Northport, Long Island native who fell in love with Fire Island in 1983, when her college roommate asked her to take a trip with her to Ocean Beach. The rest was history and she spent every summer there for nearly 38 years. Even before the internet, Nancy ran group houses and got renters by showing photos of the homes, area, and fun events. She's been a natural at real estate ever since, and no one knows the lay of the land like she does.

In 1992, Nancy met her now-husband of 22 years at Fire Island who's celebrating his 51st summer there. She found them a perfect home to share for many years, and they now enjoy a lovely house on the bay with perfect sunsets. It's no wonder Nancy ultimately decided to get into real estate in a professional capacity; she's always been the go-to for everyone she knows seeking rentals on the island and has been quite successful.

Nancy also served as her own broker (plus helped lots of friends and family members) in New York City where she's lived for several decades in various apartments. She currently resides in a great place on the Upper East Side she found, for the past 25 years and counting. You can't argue with her proven track record of repeat clients and referrals. Nancy is a sought-after real estate agent because she listens to people's needs, does her. homework and due diligence, and leaves no stone unturned to find the perfect match.

"I will work very hard for you as if I were seeking a home for myself or my family. I believe in open communication, telling the truth, and doing business with utmost care and attention to every client." Before real estate, Nancy demonstrated these valuable qualities as the longtime owner of Abracadabra Electrolysis, providing excellent service and securing several commercial spaces over the years. Real estate has been her calling, and her passion.

Outside of work, Nancy enjoys long walks with her dog, volunteering for the ASPCA, taking continuing education courses, and traveling the Caribbean every chance she gets.