Robbins Rest

Inside Robbins Rest

Robbins Rest is a small residential area on Fire Island. The entire enclave has a total of about 40 houses on spacious beachfront properties. The few streets that make up the neighborhood are free from cars and clutter. You might stop for a chat with a neighbor or two, but otherwise it's a quiet and serene atmosphere.

If you relish your privacy, Robbins Rest is a fabulous choice to rent or buy a Long Island home on Fire Island, New York. The area was established almost 100 years ago, and it was named after its founder.  Mr. William Robbins founded the place in 1925.

Like the rest of Fire Island, cars are not permitted. The area is charming, and there is a touch of the wilderness rarely seen in this part of the Empire State. When you're ready to get away from it all, you will fit right in to this rustic and family friendly area. To get to other areas of Fire Island, you can take a private water taxi or the ferry. To arrive directly to Robbins Rest, the water taxi will take you there.

The luxury Fire Island homes at Robbins Rest are very close to Ocean Beach, another small community in the area. Ocean Beach has restaurants, bars, shops, and a food store. The area has numerous tourist amenities and plenty of things to do. Boats of all sizes are docked at the beautiful marinas. Fishing and tour boats are great way to go if you do not own your own boat! The view is breathtakong, and you will get to take a look at some of the very exclusive beachfront properties around the island. Boating on a gorgeous day on Fire Island makes for a picture perfect day.

The months of June, July and August are the most popular months to rent the beach homes New York. The longest day of the year in New York happens in June where you can enjoy 14 hours of daylight. The average temperature in July is about 82 degrees. The water is at its warmest in August topping off a summer of glorious days. There are open-air restaurants, and beach parties are a daily event on this lively island. Then, you can always go back to your private paradise Robbins Rest when you have had your fill of food, drinks and fun!

The people are friendly on Fire Island, and you might even see some familiar faces. Depending on traffic, it's only about a two hour drive from New York City. Many prominent New Yorkers own a Fire Island home that they frequent when they are in town. If you're coming in from Manhattan or anywhere on Long Island, the train is a very convenient way to beat the summer traffic.

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