Fire Island Community Spotlight | Robbins Rest

Found in the heart of the Federal Seashore wilderness, Robbins Rest is a serene, laid-back beach community with roughly 40 homes. It is one of Fire Island’s smaller, “barefoot communities”;ย  you’re not going to find your traditional wooden boardwalks as the roads are sand, adding a unique charm. However, it does make it more difficult to bring supplies to the beach homes.. Steer clear if you don’t like calf workouts. Robbins Rest attracts those who appreciate its peace and quiet, but still want to enjoy all of the amenities of nearby Ocean Beach. Keep reading to learn more about Robbins Rest.



Established in 1925, Robbins Rest was founded by an attorney named William Robbins, who was a partner in a prominent law firm in Bay Shore called Robbins, Wells and Walser.

At one point, Robbins Rest had a beautiful hotel with a bar and restaurant known as the Sand Castle, which was operated by longtime Fire Island resident George Phillips. After Phillips’ passing, the famous establishment changed hands several hands before becoming Tequila Jacks, which was certainly a success, albeit a noisy one.

Local Robbins Rest residents were unhappy with the noise and commotion associated with Tequila Jacks, and in 2007, a group of anonymous partners bought the building in order to prevent the place from ever becoming another noisy commercial establishment, ensuring that Robins Rest would remain a peaceful, undisturbed Fire Island beach community.


Robbins Rest Access

It is possible to stop at Robbins Rest via water taxi, but there is no direct ferry service. As is the case with the Fire Island Summer Club and Corneille Estates, reliance on the Ocean Beach ferry line is required.

The walk to Robbins Rest is a little further west and lacks paved walkways, but the walk isn’t that far and definitely feasible for those who are so inclined.


Robbins Rest Attractions and Amenities

Since Robbins Rest is primarily residential, residents and visitors take advantage of Ocean Beach’s local businesses, such as:

  • Rachel’s Bakery and Restaurant
  • CJ’s Restaurant & Bar
  • The Island Bar

Nearby Attractions

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